Advise on most suitable EDMS for your team

  • Set up workspace

With so many Electronic Document Management Systems on offer, it is sometimes difficult to determine what works best for your business.

Here at olives, we believe that identifying the most suitable EDMS is key to effective usage as some companies end up abandoning their EDMS because its either not fit for purpose or too difficult to use.

We will work with you from the start, recommend the most suitable EDMS and liaise with stakeholders to set up a simple and effective workspace for document management.

  • Producing Document Management and Naming Protocols

Organisation is key in managing documents. Creating naming protocols ensures that documents are uniformly named and are easily searchable.

Following the latest ISO 9001 guidelines, we ensure quality and consistency in your document naming conventions.


Without boring you with too many details, we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction with the final protocol; including all codes best describing document outputs before publishing.

  • Produce EDMS user guides for staff, contractors, and consultants

An easy and “straight to the point” user guide detailing processes with screenshots can be very effective in encouraging the use of EDMS.

At Olives instead of creating a “one size fits all” user guide, we create targeted user guides for different stakeholders focusing on the specific tasks they will be required to perform on the EDMS. It makes user guides less overwhelming and easier to consult.


  • Train staff

Most EDMS are not effectively used in businesses because staff do not get on board. Change is scary especially when it’s technology based. While we believe in simplicity of systems at Olives, we also believe that training staff on using these systems is key.

During these training session, we do not aim to potray how efficient these systems can be but how easy they are to use and create a better workflow.


  • Provide tracker templates tailored to meet your needs

Trackers and registers are a very efficient way to keep records of all documents issued. If required for your project, we can produce tailor made trackers or templates that will capture all the information you require in a snapshot on a spreadsheet. Please talk to us about this if interested.


  • Document upload and naming services

Subcontractors are usually required to upload drawings and other documents to various contractors or clients workspace adhering to their Document Naming Protocols. Learning to use these different EDMS and Naming conventions can be quite tedious.

Let us help you at Olives, we specialise in using a variety of systems and can save you time and resources allowing you to focus on providing your core services.

  • Archiving

When a business makes the decision to start managing their documents electronically, what happens to historical data?

Speak to us at Olives, we can manage that too. Usually, the same filing structure and naming conventions of your current documentation, we will electronically file all your previous data to create a unified process making documents easily searchable.