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About us

Olives Consultancy Services is a Document Management and Technical Writing business specialising in document management from project inception to handover and archiving.

Here at Olives, our aim is to simplify your Document Management Process and produce project specific O&M manuals and Home and Building User Guides for your projects.

Our consultants have vast experience working in various sectors, having worked extensively using Asite, Viewpoint for Projects (4projects), Aconex and other Electronic Document Management Systems. We believe that document management is not only vital in the construction sector but also key to efficiency in all sectors.

Effective Document Management is a key strategy for clear and properly tracked output in businesses. And it also eases the process of accessing historical data.

At the end of every construction project, subcontractors and contractors are expected to provide relevant O&M Manuals specific to their role on the project while the clients collate these materials with other health and safety documents to produce the Operations and Maintenance manual (including the health and safety file) for the project. In some cases, especially in residential and office fitouts, a User Guide is also required.

At Olives, we have relevant experience in producing O&M manuals and user guides not just to meet generic needs but tailored to meet the specific requirement of clients.