Nigeria is a middle income, mixed economy and an emerging market. It is currently the largest economy in Africa and ranks 26th in the world. Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa and has expanding financial, service, communication, entertainment, agricultural and many other sectors.

Sectors offering the greatest opportunities for UK companies include: healthcare services, electrical power generating equipment, oil and gas equipment, computer hardware/software, telecommunication equipment, automobile parts and accessories, agricultural and construction.


You can invest or expand your business/services in Nigeria by benefiting from our:

•Assistance in setting up local offices in Nigeria

•Business name search and registration

•Start-up support


•Product/Service marketing

•Sourcing and organising meetings with potential clients/business contacts

•Feasibility studies, risk analysis and management

•Language translation services


We have a sister company Henpris Consulting Limited based in Nigeria to ensure that all your business needs are adequately catered for in a timely and efficient manner.